View Full Version : Linhof accessory prices?

18-Dec-2015, 08:59
Does anyone know why Linhof accessory prices published by US retailers such as B&H, Brandess, etc are significantly higher (over 2X in some cases) than the same prices (adjusted for euro to $ conversion) quoted in the Linhof September 2015 price list currently posted on the Linhof site? According to the German government website, there are no export taxes on such items.

Bob Salomon
18-Dec-2015, 10:17
Did you add in the VAT to the German price? Also, are you aware that Linhof does not accept credit cards, or PayPal. They also do not accept foreign checks. So you have to add the costs of wire transfers as well. They also have a minimum order amount and charge for packaging as well as freight and brokerage services. Also, US prices include warranty and support in the USA. Linhof's German warranty is not valid in the USA.