View Full Version : Hello from new, old member from NorCal

16-Dec-2015, 14:20

I'm a new, old member. I was part of the LF forum when it was hosted on Philip Greenspun's site in the late 90's. I still have Quang's email from 2003 when he moved the old forum to the current website. I missed (forgot, was lazy) updating my account info, so something got screwed up in the transition. I decided to create a new account instead.

Anyway, I got my new 4x5 Travelwide camera from Wanderlust Cameras. I took a break from large format photography, so I need to get reacquainted with everything.

16-Dec-2015, 14:34
I'm a big fan of northern california. Actually, anywhere north of palmdale is nice.
Welcome back.