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11-Dec-2015, 18:20
I've just gotten my Christmas present, an Omega monorail with a Schneider 210mm f/5.6, and a big box to carry it in. I'm not allowed to play with it until Christmas but I think I can wait. Anticipation is a wonderful feeling when it comes to Christmas presents.

I've tried large format before and liked it very much, but I've never had kit of this quality. I plan to use it as a landscape camera and for occasional portrait work (our granddaughter). I understand that it isn't the most practical choice for landscape, but it's what I have on hand. I read somewhere that Edward Weston (I think) was of the opinion that if something was more than a mile away, it wasn't interesting.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to using it around my rural neighborhood.

Thanks for looking.

With best regards, Stephen

Fr. Mark
11-Dec-2015, 21:03
Welcome "Will." I enjoy AA Milne's work too.
Having quality equipment can be a real joy and just make it easier to work/take work to a new level. My Sinar P is not a back packing camera but I love it for what it can do.

David Lobato
11-Dec-2015, 21:13
Congratulations. My first LF camera was an Omega/Toyo View 4x5 monorail with a 210mm lens, and I learned much with it. I hope you can hold on until Christmas. In the meantime get the odds and ends ready; light meter, cable release, film holders, tripod, dark cloth, etc. That may ease the burden of waiting until Christmas.

Andrew O'Neill
13-Dec-2015, 23:48

15-Dec-2015, 05:27
Welcome Stephen - I am about 90 minutes south west of you, near Martinsville. I had a Calumet monorail many years ago. Enjoy.

15-Dec-2015, 07:37
Welcome, Stephen. I'm a couple hours north of you in the Metro DC area. I also have an old Toyo monorail that I mostly use in the house - I do need to get it outside more often. You've got lovely country down there to photograph!

Tim Meisburger
15-Dec-2015, 19:54
Welcome Stephen. I'm about 12,000 miles west (or east) of you--but am from Virginia (born in Fairfax and grew up in Prince William) and likely moving back next summer.

16-Dec-2015, 08:22
Welcome to the group. Why can't you use it until Christmas?

16-Dec-2015, 14:47
"What can't you use it until Christmas?" Because She Who Must Be Obeyed said so!