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11-Dec-2015, 08:14
Hello, I'm Hans ter Horst and I'm currently based out of Luxembourg.
I'm new to large format photography, I bought a Cambo SC2 45 Monorail camera with Rodenstock Sironar APO N 5.6/150mm and Schneider-Kreuznach APO-SYMMAR 5.6/210mm lenses this summer and have really enjoyed the experience so far. I'm old so I started off on film and via 35mm and medium format (Pentax 67II), I now want to explore large format. The thing that strikes me immediately when shooting large format that it forces me to understand better what I am doing and therefore it helps me with all my photography.



11-Dec-2015, 12:04
plus..everything is upside down

hi Hans

I have an old Argus viewer that was made in Luxemborg

Sirius Glass
11-Dec-2015, 14:29
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

Peter De Smidt
11-Dec-2015, 16:14