View Full Version : New Resource: List of Approachable Galleries for Photographers in US (2015 edition)

9-Dec-2015, 08:49
Hi everyone!

We just published a list of approachable galleries in US. This year, we talked to each venue and asked for their advice as how one should approach/apply. Also we added images of their gallery space so you will have a better idea before you approach them.

Take a look:


These are great venues for new photographers' work. You can build your CV with exhibitions at these locations.

Let me know what you think about the list!

bob carnie
9-Dec-2015, 09:56
thanks a bunch great information

Darin Boville
9-Dec-2015, 15:35
Nice work on the article.

One comment on the galleries themselves--I think its pathetic how many require the artist to pay for framing and shipping--and then to attend the opening--no doubt at their own expense! One even asks for a "hanging fee" of $250 on top of the shipping.