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8-Dec-2015, 14:29
Hi everyone.

Newbie/not newbie here.

Im getting back into shooting after an 8 year hiatus. I've got experience shooting on 35MM film, 120 MF cameras, and SOME large format cameras. I'm rusty though. I got used to shooting on digital systems (Primarily Canon 20D, 30D 5d, etc)

That's where you all come in.

I've never really spent much time on large format photography, but I would like to learn.

To this end, I've recently purchased a few medium format cameras so as to re-learn film shooting. (120 Agfa Billy Record)

I've also managed to get my hand on what I initially thought was a 4x5 Busch Pressman, but upon further investigating, it's actually a 2x3.

The nice thing about this camera is that it does have a graflex back, so I can find a 120 roll film holder.

I'm hoping to post some picture of my equipment, but for now, this will have to do.


8-Dec-2015, 15:08
Hi Figuarus, congrats on the new camera. It has a Kodak Ektar lens in it, a top of the line in terms of lens ever produced, so, you're almost ready to go.
LF is one of most demanding type of photo in terms of theory/technical approach. Get a good book to help you in this path, and go practice. LF photo is a project for an entire life, you you really want to go deep, strong and always further.



Sirius Glass
8-Dec-2015, 17:17
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8-Dec-2015, 19:49
Local thrift store here has 2x3 RH 8 Graflex roll holders would fit right on your unit, wants 35 bucks each. These things aren't hard to find. 2x3 with TMAX 400, YOU'RE ready to go. If you lack a darkroom, build one, people will give away enlargers. In the meantime canon, and others make flatbed scanners you can get for 170 bucks that do a pretty decent job. Processing is half the fun!! You came to the right place these folks have done it all.
Mike in Iowa City

8-Dec-2015, 21:42
Thanks everyone. Renato, i know the ektar lenses are good, but ive been hearing some interesting things about the kodak syncro-rapid 800 shutters. Right now the shutter is done, so im in the process of looking for a replacement. Ive robbed the Aga Agnar shutter from my Billy Record. Its definitely not the right setup ...

Hopefully i might get lucky and find a good Rapex shutter for this. Or perhaps there's a better option?

Curtis Nelson
10-Dec-2015, 20:43
Welcome from a fellow Utahn!