View Full Version : Matting, framing Glass Plates/Ambrotypes

4-Dec-2015, 07:33
Anyone have some good references for historical methods of framing glass plate/Ambrotypes or tintypes?

Not the small folios, but wall frames to show the image.

Looking for ways to hold the glass plate/ambrotype in place without putting pressure on it and causing cracking or stress. Have seen some wiring over corners used but there must be some historical articles on how to showcase this type of work for the walls.

Mark Sawyer
4-Dec-2015, 11:04
Historically, there were relatively few Ambrotypes or tintypes large enough to require framing for the wall. Most were in cases. The few I've seen period-framed were just stuck in frames. Carefully considered archival framing of photographs is a more modern development. Probably better to watch what contemporary wet-plate artists are doing...

6-Dec-2015, 19:22
I don't know about historical framing but I like to keep my framing for ambros really simple. I use a flat black metal frame and off white or cream matte (I don't use white because it's too bright). I do mount the ambro right on the matte with wire that wraps around the edges, just like the plate holders. Minimizing the framing lets the plate/picture stand out IMHO.

Monty McCutchen
6-Dec-2015, 20:29
I float mine with a black background then a black piece of wood slightly smaller than the ambro or tintype which sits just ever so slightly shallower than the outer frame. No glass on outside at all. I Reduces reflection.