View Full Version : Howtek Scans - bigger files when converting from tif to jpg in comparison to V850

4-Dec-2015, 02:20
For several weeks I have a Howtek scanner and am very happy so far.

But what I noticed:
If I convert on Lightroom my processed TIF files to JPG (with a fixed quality level of 90% without resizing) they are significantly bigger in comparison to the converted Epson scans at the same image size.

For example:
* A color negative scan (1x Epson V850, 1x Howtek 4500), TIF-File, resized to nearly 6200 x 5000 px
* Conversion to JPG via Lightroom, no resizing, quality level = 90%, sRGB
* Epson scan conversion results to a 15MB JPG
* Howtek scan conversion results to a 45MB JPG

Any ideas?


4-Dec-2015, 04:24
jpeg compression depends on the detail in the image, the more detail the less compression you gets.

5-Dec-2015, 07:03
"Limit file size to xxxxK" for smaller MB and "limit file to xxxxxdpi on the long edge" that helps make most files even.

13-Dec-2015, 09:31
@monsta - yes you are right the Howtek shows more details - even at 2.000 dpi, which is the nearly optical limit of the Epson scanner.
@StoneNYC - thanks for the tip - yes, that works.