View Full Version : If you are willing to accept an enthusiast

29-Nov-2015, 09:25

I discover your forum, little by little. I look with pleasure at your photos, and I learn thanks to your experience.

Sorry for my English, I use an on-line translator.

I still have no large format, but soon I shall have the happiness of having one 4x5. I wait to receive my box of New55.

At the moment I use Hasseblad 503CW for black&white. I develop my films. I also like the magic of the Polaroid with one 600SE.

Randy Moe
29-Nov-2015, 10:15


Your translator produces perfect English with punctuation!

This is the place to study/learn LF and all photography.

You have fine cameras.

David Karp
29-Nov-2015, 10:54