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Texas Dave
24-Nov-2015, 14:53
Just making it formal, I'm here seeking knowledge about my newly acquired large format camera. I'm trying to set myself up for doing some tin type photography and currently reading every tidbit I can find on the subject.

I'm coming in arse backwards into this new hobby considering I've first put 17 years of color correction and retouching as a graphic artist in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.

I've only been playing with photography for a couple of years now and currently work entirely in a digital word.

This is my first time to work with film other than being a plotter operator back in 1996 in the pre press business.

Anyhow, glad to be here and I hope as I learn and grow in this field that I can return the favors as I go.


Sirius Glass
24-Nov-2015, 18:57
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

26-Nov-2015, 11:31
There is a large format community in DFW but they're not that active socially. If you're on FB, look for the North Texas Film and Darkroom group.

Andrew O'Neill
26-Nov-2015, 12:40
This welcome comes with a warning. LF is highly addictive.
You have been warned.