View Full Version : Hi from Kidderminster (UK)

24-Nov-2015, 12:59
Hi all.
Noobie here. Been wanting to have a look at large format stuff for a few years but never got around to it.
Have just started tidying up the old darkroom (in the cellar) and have ordered new chemicals. Will be getting back into the swing of that with some old negs to get my eye in and if all goes well will look at getting a 4X5 shortly.
Been looking at the Chamonix models - they look well made and seem reasonably priced. I've also looked at the folding Wista/Horseman etc models but I like the sound of something lightweight. In any case, if after 6 months it's not for me then there should be a decent resale value.
Been poking around the forums (and other sites too) and have garnered a lot of info.
And probably forgotten a lot of it as well ha ha.