View Full Version : Printex Tripod?

Darin Boville
17-Nov-2015, 15:36
Mu friend picked up a Printex Tripod the other day. Trying to learn more about it--also what it might be worth. Can't find anything on Google, LFF, or APUG.

Anyone know anything about these?

It's a semi-heavy duty wooden affair with a beefy wooden head. Made in pasadena California by Printex, who also made a press camera and an enlarger (we found info in those). But nothing on the tripod.


Randy Moe
17-Nov-2015, 16:02
How about a picture.

I have access to a Printex 4X5, not that helps, but maybe the 2 should mate...

Darin Boville
17-Nov-2015, 16:28

142381 142382 142383


Randy Moe
17-Nov-2015, 16:58
That's a very common tripod. I have one right here. No name plate.

Be careful actually using it as the three little ears on mine that hold the platform head to the tripod are a weak point and one is broken off. They are bad cast aluminum.

The Printex name plate is the collectible!

Darin Boville
18-Nov-2015, 01:13
Was the tripod sold under other brand names? How to google more info on it?


Randy Moe
18-Nov-2015, 17:12
I think Kodak and Graflex also distributed them.

Perhaps try Google image search?

Look at wood tripods on eBay

Some people like the tripod. I do not. Works best in deep grass, like a golf course.

I do know one user that likes his.