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Darin Boville
17-Nov-2015, 02:01


Darin Boville
17-Nov-2015, 02:39


Drew Wiley
17-Nov-2015, 09:43
Ho hum. Here we go again. One reason I rarely visit "Modern Art" museums anymore. And I'm still wondering what is going to transpire up the street at the UC
Pacific Film Archive and Art Museum. They're starting to clad the building with stainless steel, and it looks like a titanic "Back to the Future" DeLorean - even uglier and more out of place than the outside of the SF MMA. Somebody working on it told me the cost basis. But gosh knows how many hundreds of millions of dollars will actually down that sinkhole while they can't even figure out what to do with the perfectly good former art museum, which was certainly no small building. Dread thinking of what kind of paintball arcade photography will be shown in there, but maybe I'll be proven wrong.

17-Nov-2015, 14:37
a university art departments, mvsevms, galleries, art students with cameras, photography writers circle jerk

nothing new

Drew Wiley
17-Nov-2015, 16:39
This thing is owned by the University but probably not related to any teaching dept. It owns major collections of paintings, sculptures, still photos, and cinema.
Don't think students are likely to get shown in there. Maybe a few former students who have hit the big time. Due to open in Jan and website already operative. Big space. I just think the whole concept of Modernism for Modernism's sake has run out of steam and is nearly in Byzantine rigor mortis, barely twitching around with its last gasps, trying to find some excuse to still be relevant as an aesthetic hegemony.