View Full Version : Cezanne 5500 CG upgrade

16-Nov-2015, 02:39
Hello, I am hoping someone can help. The Screen download site has CG upgrade 2.04, which I have, but the next is 2.08 for OS 10.6. I am running 10.4, so wondering if anyone has the 2.07 or 2.06 available?

many Thanks


20-Nov-2015, 06:29
Version 2.13 is the latest to run on OSX 10.4

23-Nov-2015, 02:44
Thanks Blasted for the reply, however, it was from the Screen site I made the assumption that 2.08 is for 10.6, from their info sheet:

ColorGeniusEX V2.08 Updater for FT-S5000

This program upgrades ColorGeniusEX for FT-S5500 V2.02, V2.03, V2.04, V2.05, V2.06, and V2.07 to V2.08. The modifications included in this program are shown below. Please update the software after you read the following instructions.


Please use ColorGeniusEX V2.08 only in Mac OS X 10.6.

ColorGeniusEX V2.08 doesn't confirm the operation in other OS. Therefore, do not update ColorGeniusEX to V2.08, please.