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15-Nov-2015, 17:04
I could use suggestions about which tape is best for repairing the hinge tape on 4x5 and 5x7 Fidelity-Lisco plastic film holders.

I have a number (40-50) of holders getting floppy at the crotch.

(Let the jokes about my flaccid holders ensue. )


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15-Nov-2015, 17:23
I found gaffer tape (sometimes recommended) not adhesive enough--plenty sticky, but too easy to peel off. For me, book binding tape worked great--I couldn't imagine anything better. It went on easily, and it's stayed. I'm not sure, but this might have been the tape I bought: http://www.amazon.com/Book-Repair-Tape--Adhesive-Black/dp/B003QI5RGK//

Kevin Crisp
15-Nov-2015, 17:26
I found real gaffers' tape plenty sticky but too thick so that some filmholders wouldn't seat properly on the taped end. And of course after a few years it gets hard and loses all stick. There is a much thinner 3m tap which, rather than cloth, uses a material that is more like black crepe paper. I've never had to redo one with that, it make actually be made for binding books.

15-Nov-2015, 17:43
Book binding tape - I would try first.
3-M makes a plastic mending tape that I have been using for many years on various other projects. It is very tough and sticks well to clean
surfaces. Usually found in hardware stores.

15-Nov-2015, 18:31
I've used book binding tape as well and it worked great.

15-Nov-2015, 19:32
Don't use gaff tape. Especially in your climate because it dries out and becomes a powdery mess.
Book binding tape.

15-Nov-2015, 19:35
I use a lot of gaff tape but never on anything that needs to exist for more than a few months. The description of "archival" on the book repair tape is a good sign.

I just hope it is flexible enough to fold over 180 degrees onto itself.

15-Nov-2015, 19:37
Been using gaffers tape since it is what I have available. It will probably dry out eventually. Nothing lasts forever. When it does I may look for something else...or maybe not.

15-Nov-2015, 19:40
Your gaff will probably last for a while... Depending on the quality. Problem is that it will go from slightly too thick and sticky to not fully adhered and become a SOURCE of dust. Not the thing you want near film holders.
If that's what you gots, you might try replacing on a very regular basis.

15-Nov-2015, 19:49
Yeah, It sounds like the tape will begin deteriorating. The oldest repair I have made is about two years old, done on an old Kodak 8x10 wooden holder. I use this one quite a bit, for some reason I tend to recycle the ones that work well on a regular basis. It is holding up pretty well so far. No dust problems. Some cat hair once in awhile but that isn't the tape's fault. Maybe I should use the tape on the cat! :D

When I replace the tape on these holders I clean everything off, sand it, apply some black primer, steel wool that, and then apply the tape.

Jim Fitzgerald
15-Nov-2015, 20:23
Schaf, I've used the book binders tape and it holds up well.

Tim Meisburger
15-Nov-2015, 20:41
I have used duct tape successfully, but the consensus seems to be bookbinders tape, which is I think easily available online in the US (not easy to find in Thailand).