View Full Version : Hi all from Canterbury

Jon W
14-Nov-2015, 08:44
Hello everyone,

I'm very pleased to join the forum. I have been using a 4x5 camera on and off since 2004, mainly for city scenes at night. I look forward to sharing more with forum members.



Pierre 2
14-Nov-2015, 11:03
Welcome - from a newcomer as well !

Sirius Glass
14-Nov-2015, 17:46
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

Alan Gales
15-Nov-2015, 00:02
Welcome to the Forum, Jon! We are glad to have you.

Andrew Plume
15-Nov-2015, 03:28

and welcome

Canterbury Kent UK or Canterbury area of NZed................


Jon W
15-Nov-2015, 04:14
Thanks all. I'm in Kent at the moment - though I lived in Australia for several years.

Andrew Plume
15-Nov-2015, 05:00
thx Jon and good luck



John Kasaian
15-Nov-2015, 08:01
Welcome aboard!

Andrew O'Neill
15-Nov-2015, 09:37
Welcome to the forum, Jon. I bet you have many tales to tell...