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13-Nov-2015, 08:21
im having this problems with my 405 mag since i got it and its the first 405 i ever used, so i dont know if this a common issue, but every time 6 from 10 Polaroids come out good and on the 7th or 8th or 9th the white paper rips
i tried to tape the "springs" down and it didn't help,
should i try to bend them a bit?

the reels are super clean and the mag is like new, but i never come until the end... and i never had this problem on my land camera polaroid holder?
could it be the springs?

i also noticed that one reel doesn't turn the other like on my land camera.

thanks for any advices!

Raymond Bleesz
13-Nov-2015, 09:14
J. How ironic your post is as I was about to post a note re: the Polaroid 405. I am not familiar with the issues you brought about as I do not have this mag, however, I have been looking to purchase it, and was about to post my request on the forum. If not a Polaroid, then perhaps I would look into a Fuji PA45 mag.

Anyone out there selling their units?

J. I presume you are using the Fuji film--which one and what is your subject matter? And you mentioned that you recently purchased this mag--for how much??? I have looked locally (craigslist) and even in Florida as I was there this past week and I can not find anyone who might be selling theirs--seems to be a hard held on item. R.

13-Nov-2015, 17:53
i use old polaroid stuff and also the new fuji stuff... it was about 100$ what is a normal price today for it.. i think ull find it on this forum! good luck!