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Merg Ross
11-Nov-2015, 16:11
My friend Ira Latour died several months ago at the age of 95. Although possibly unknown to most members of this forum, I did not want the account of his fascinating life in photography to pass without note.


We first met in 1957 while he was teaching photography at San Francisco State College, (now University). A six decade friendship was born. Ira lived a full life and was always eager to share his experiences. I learned a great deal from him, and will miss his wisdom and insight.

11-Nov-2015, 17:08
Sorry to hear of your loss of a friend.

Thank you for sharing his story, it was a great read.


David Karp
11-Nov-2015, 18:49
Thanks Merg. A full life, yes. Sorry for your loss of a good friend.

11-Nov-2015, 19:57
That's a fun image of Ira and friends at Maxim's restaurant in 1950's Paris – everyone's so well dressed, smiling, and not hypnotized by an iphone!

Dave Wooten
11-Nov-2015, 19:57
Thanks Merg. A full life, yes. Sorry for your loss of a good friend.

Thank you!

12-Nov-2015, 06:14
Thanks for posting. No stick in the mud, him! Another great photography life.

John Kasaian
12-Nov-2015, 07:51
My condolences Merg. What an interesting and accomplished life!

Randy Moe
12-Nov-2015, 09:14
Great story. Truly great generation. I nearly laughed when I read the last sentence twice. Thanks for sharing!

Jim Fitzgerald
12-Nov-2015, 13:11
Merg, such a full life and a great loss. The man is gone but his memories and friendship must give you great joy!

13-Nov-2015, 23:07
Thank you for sharing.