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10-Nov-2015, 11:45
I am trying to get to grips with a Chromagraph S3400 drum scanner that is hooked up to a G4 MAC running Silverfast Chromagraph MAC 6.6. The combo has been idle for some two and half years. I have managed to start the scanner, mount a drum then I start the G4 and then start Silverfast. I keep hitting various buffers in getting the Silverfast to initialize the scanner, then if it does initialize, when I hit the Prescan button the Silverfast software reports that the scanner is in manual mode, then I am stuck and have to powere everything down and start again just to de-mount the drum withoutever getting to a scanning interface.
I suspect there is a boot order as there is a SCSI cable to USB interface.
Is there anyone on this forum who uses this combo? If so is there a known order of booting the scanner, MAC and software?
I have only just got access to this kit and I won't be able to get back to it until late next week .
Any experienced advice would be gratefully received. I have a shed load of 5x4 begging for drum scans.

Tyler Boley
10-Nov-2015, 13:23
there are issues for you here I can't help with.. but with my Howtek, Mac, Silverfast, via scsi directly.. the boot up order is-
Scanner, Mac, Silverfast.
But if you are getting SIlverfast to open, and getting prescans to initialize even with alerts, the scanner id being seen, at the least.
If my scanner is not on and pre-booted, Silverfast alerts me it's not available at app startup

10-Nov-2015, 13:48
Thanks Tyler.

10-Nov-2015, 23:58
You should get in contact with Karl Hudson. He is a really nice guy and very helpful and the last man standing in service for Heidelberg scanners all over the world.

Best regards,


11-Nov-2015, 08:07
Thanks Sebastian,
He seems to be the one constant. I noticed that he commented on a thread on this forum about off-line contact. The engineer who fitted this machine is still about so when he gets back into the UK I am sure he can pinpoint the problem causing the LED to flash.

1-Dec-2015, 00:59
Thanks Tyler and Sebastian. Karl got in touch and pointed me in the right direction. It was a blown bulb. Sorted now and the machine has had a good first test.