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10-Nov-2015, 03:11

I am new here. Would love to know which camera I should use as beginner?

10-Nov-2015, 03:16
Without you telling us what your photographic interest are, your experience and even your fitness levels as lf cameras can be heavy, we can't really offer any useful advice.

Andrew Plume
10-Nov-2015, 04:24

................and exactly as Bruce has said

there's almost too much information available - plenty more if you also use a standard internet search etc etc

we'll all wait to hear



Andrew O'Neill
10-Nov-2015, 10:28
Any camera that shoots 4x5 film or larger.

Sirius Glass
10-Nov-2015, 20:09
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum.

If you want to shoot both hand held and on a tripod, consider the Pacemaker Speed Graphic or the Pacemaker Crown Graphic which have limited view camera movements. Otherwise you have a very wide range of choices.

Alan Gales
15-Nov-2015, 00:17

I am new here. Would love to know which camera I should use as beginner?

Any will work for a beginner.

If you want to shoot hand held then I agree with Sirius. A 4x5 Crown or Speed Graphic would be a great place to start. If you plan on using camera movements then most want a field camera which has more movements. If you want full movements or something really inexpensive to start out with then look at monorails. Monorails are bulky and many are heavy though.

Most (me included) started out with 4x5. Shooting 4x5 film is cheaper to learn with then 5x7, 8x10 or larger.

Read the LF Home Page for lots of information and welcome to the forum!