View Full Version : Kerik Kouklis Exhibition/Sacramento, CA

Merg Ross
9-Nov-2015, 08:03
Kerik Kouklis will be exhibiting his work in a retrospective show at Viewpoint Gallery in Sacramento from November 11, 2015 to December 5, 2015.


Kirk Gittings
9-Nov-2015, 08:38
Wish I could be there! I'd love to see his work in the flesh. Congrats Kerik.

9-Nov-2015, 14:03
He's a very good wetplater and photographer, that I learned a lot from over the years. Have a good show!

Mark Sawyer
9-Nov-2015, 17:24
I've always admired Kerik's work; he combines an artist's vision with a craftsman's skill, and a little of an alchemist's magic on the side.

9-Nov-2015, 17:43
Mark summed it up more eloquently than I could on my own, agree 100%. Hope this show is a well deserved success, wish I could make it.

Roger Thoms
9-Nov-2015, 19:15
Might just have to take a drive to Sacramento. Thanks for the heads up Merg.


Oren Grad
9-Nov-2015, 20:11
Many moons ago I had the pleasure of seeing a selection of Kerik's Pt/Pd prints at the annual Contact Photo festival in Toronto. They were exquisite.

This show should be a real treat - very sorry I won't be within range while it's up.

10-Nov-2015, 06:08
would love to see this

Kerik Kouklis
10-Nov-2015, 22:44
Wow, thanks, Merg! I was going to make a post about the show and you beat me to it. The show is up - 58 prints and plates from 1992 through last week. I will be publishing a catalog of the show on MagCloud. I'll post a link here when it's ready. Thanks for all the kind words!!