View Full Version : Photographers resurrect old techniques,prepare public darkroom in Duluth's Depot

8-Nov-2015, 07:45

Mick Fagan
9-Nov-2015, 03:18
Fantastic, thanks for that link.


Randy Moe
9-Nov-2015, 06:14
Yes thanks for the link. I will try to go there next summer. I also have gravesite to visit. Fire. :(

9-Nov-2015, 11:43
I wife's family lives in that area (Cloquet) and we visit there often, that is my link to the area. I believe there are a few members from that area.

Drew Wiley
9-Nov-2015, 13:29
Funny. Guess I drive an "old fashioned" truck just because the door lock can't be opened remotely. I don't even have a GPS device on the dash to help me drive
over the cliff because I'm looking at it instead of the road.

9-Nov-2015, 18:00
You would think english is my second language, wait, it is. Should be "My wife's family lives in that area".