View Full Version : Hi from Dublin

Sean Mac
4-Nov-2015, 16:38

I have spent many interesting hours reading this forum.

Thank you for sharing.

Tim Meisburger
5-Nov-2015, 02:58
Welcome to the forum Sean!

John Kasaian
5-Nov-2015, 07:11
Welcome along! That's what they say in Ireland, right?

Sean Mac
5-Nov-2015, 16:19
Hiberno English is something we are very pleased with.

I like to work with stone and metal. Granite and bronze have been used for thousands of years here in Ireland. Pulling shape and form out of a rock is a pleasure for me.

Twenty years ago I picked up a camera to learn to see the light.

George E. Sheils
9-Nov-2015, 16:38
Welcome to the forum, Sean!
Great to see another Irish man on here.


10-Nov-2015, 11:12

Sean Mac
10-Nov-2015, 14:37
Hi George, thanks for the welcome. I think there are at least a few....

Hi jb7, I hope moving to new york is going well for you. The arca project and the carbon stuff is very cool.