View Full Version : Windows 10, VueScan and Microtek 1800f and Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi Pro Scanners

3-Nov-2015, 19:54
I've been using my Microtek 1800f and Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi Pro scanners with VueScan in Windows 7, and all has been working well. I'm thinking of upgrading to Windows 10. Is anyone using VueScan with either of these scanners in Windows 10? Did any problems come up after doing so. VueScan has always been great about updating drivers, so I'm hoping that I can do this without any serious problems.

3-Nov-2015, 20:10
I have an 1800F, use VueScan, and I've upgraded my computer to Window 10. So far, I have not seen any issues. I'd advise you to update VueScan after you do the upgrade.

On another note regarding Windows 10: I did have to download and install an updated video card driver. I have an NVidia card, and performed a custom install. The custom install removes all traces of the old driver. I don't know about ATI Radeon. If you're using on-board Intel Graphics, Windows update should download and install the latest Intel driver.


3-Nov-2015, 20:34
Thanks. I also have an NVidia card, so that's a good reminder.