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2-Nov-2015, 05:27
After much bureaucratic wrangling I finally got to exhibit my community portrait studio/storyhouse (www.cobhstories.com) opened last Friday night, to minimal acclaim, running for two weeks in Cobh, County Cork, if you're a Rep Of ireland member in the locality or a visiting member from anywhere, pop by and say hello.



Liquid Artist
7-Nov-2015, 22:01
How is the show going Damian?

The first show is the toughest to get going. Not to mention the most expensive.

8-Nov-2015, 06:11
Well, don't feel bad OP. I've worked on projects almost full time for a year, spent nearly $15,000 of my own money on it and failed to even give it away for free. And even after many more years of trying to pitch it for free....failure. And it is a landmark project and has outstanding photography in it.

2 weeks display? That is pitiful. I don't put much work in trying to get into shows. All my work is in permanent collection acquisitions.


Of course, shows get your name out and are great for padding your CV to show how well loved you are. Unfortunately for me, my work is not that easy to get accepted into public shows or even reviewed due to discrimination. Here is a recent project.



Minimal acclaim? Again don't feel bad. 2 billion cell phone came out there. Our world is polluted with pix. Photography is very cheap nowadays, unless you are lucky to get half a million $ for your tricycle photo. If this is your work, (www.cobhstories.com) , nice clean photography...well done!

8-Nov-2015, 11:14
"Minimal acclaim" was tongue-in-cheek, I have no expectations of fame and fortune from shows, or publications, The two week duration is because the bureaucratic machine took so long to agree on a date etc, and being a public building, there's another scheduled very shortly after this one.

won't be doing another for a while, far more interested in doing books now

8-Nov-2015, 11:24
How is the show going Damian?

The first show is the toughest to get going. Not to mention the most expensive.

Yeah pretty good, I've been staying away tbh, my presence is bound to jinx the multimedia station. Thankfully the cost of the show was built into the original commission. I was glad to exhibit it but am looking to move my work in new directions and am more interested in making books now, and different subject matter and in different ways.