View Full Version : Mark Woods One Man Show in Pasadena

Mark Woods
26-Oct-2015, 20:35
Please join Kim and me in the late afternoon of Monday, Nov. 2nd for a show of my work at RACION Restaurant. The pieces exhibited span 10 years of fun realizing images using traditional photo-chemical processes. I look forward to seeing & hearing from you all.

Jim Fitzgerald
26-Oct-2015, 20:48
Mark, congratulations.

i'll see you there.

Randy Moe
26-Oct-2015, 20:49

I'm not allowed out of the snow belt...

I enjoy your luminous flower images. Rare.

Mark Woods
26-Oct-2015, 20:51
Great Jim! Always good to see you. And thank you for your kind words Randy.

matthew blais
27-Oct-2015, 07:39
Cool, way to go Mark!

John Kasaian
27-Oct-2015, 16:25

3-Nov-2015, 03:01
Congratulations on your show!!!

We went to the opening yesterday, and give everything a HUGE thumbs-up!!! The images were beautiful, the prints were sublimely FANTASTIC, and Mark & Kim are WONDERFUL people!!!! We had a great time!!!!

Go see the show!!!! (And stay for dinner, a really cute restaurant!!!)

Steve K

3-Nov-2015, 09:00
Congratulations! Lovely photographs in a lovely venue. I wish I lived closer!

Mark Woods
3-Nov-2015, 14:11
Hello Steve,

We enjoyed meeting you and your wife, and I'm humbled by your kind comments.