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25-Oct-2015, 23:13

I just looked at some printing prices for large prints here in Australia ...

A 40" by 12" print costs (1 off) $770AUS ! ($550US)

I see that Plotnet in San Francisco will print to Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper for $320 for 1 off in a 40" x 60" print ! So that is 3 times the surface area for basically half the cost. Their price is 2 thirds that when I order 2 !

So that is about one 6th the cost than Prolab if I order 2 (per sq inch)

Guess I'll be paying for printing from the States then ...

Is this normal ? Do print houses ship internationally ?

Sheesh !

(And to top it off a lot of printing houses in Aus will be using older equipment too ...)

Perhaps this post is a reminder to the American readers about just how good some things are in the US ...

Darko Pozar
26-Oct-2015, 02:46
Hi swmcl.. Yes need to research options and thanks we'll be doing the same. Does anyone know about English Printing Houses?...

27-Oct-2015, 14:34
Certainly do
My preference is Chau digital, but they all are of the highest quality




Darko Pozar
27-Oct-2015, 14:54
Thank you aluncrockford...

Tyler Boley
27-Oct-2015, 15:59
I print for people out of the U.S. at times, the problem tends to be import taxes at the receiving end. Of course I tried to keep a declared value down, but you can only stretch things so far.. So packaging, shipping, and duties tend to decrease any savings, and of course- turnaround.