View Full Version : Printing on Epson Signature worthy papers or anything else

25-Oct-2015, 20:13

I bought a sample pack of epson and tried the signature worthy papers.
I really loved the cold press neutral due to the texture and the exhibition fiber for fiber finish and sharpness. Thinking of color on the cold press neutral and exhibition fiber of the monochromatic images.
Am really thinking of sticking to these papers for printing in an epson 9900 . However, I would like to know what others think of epson signature worthy papers and suggestions.


Tyler Boley
25-Oct-2015, 21:03
the naturals (I'm assuming "neutral" is a typo?), cold or hot press, are great papers. Excellent gamut and max, and relatively robust surfaces for coated rag papers. Personally I find Cold Press's surface to be a little mechanical compared to mould made rag papers, but I used it for a major body of work for it's performance otherwise, so that's a nit-pic. Despite the fact that Exhibition Fiber can result in impressive prints, I find it unacceptable for most work because pf it's longevity performance. See http://aardenburg-imaging.com for elaboration on that. I also subjectively don't like papers so OBA laden they are visually blue, but that is a personal choice.

25-Oct-2015, 21:25
As the name suggests, they are the best paper that Epson put out. I would use them with confidence.

25-Oct-2015, 23:59
Food for thought, Epson will be launching the Legacy range of 4 papers in January, 3 of which are OBA free.


Ken Lee
26-Oct-2015, 04:24
I just printed for a show (http://www.kenleegallery.com/announcement.php), all monochrome on Epson Hot Press Natural.

I think it's a terrific paper: 100% rag, very smooth finish, ph-buffered, no OBAs, lignen-free, quite thick. The slightly warm-toned color you get with Carbon Pigment inks is really beautiful.

Peter York
26-Oct-2015, 09:04
I really like hot press natural for the aforementioned reasons. I will add that its cost is lower than most, if not all, high quality papers, and you can use ultra premium matte paper for proofing.