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22-Oct-2015, 01:26
I ask the question because apparently the driver software for the large format printers do an amount of interpolation / extrapolation.


If I scan my neg to a specific aspect ratio and scan it to a very high resolution would I then just ask for a series of prints at say 32 inches in the long direction ?

So lets say I have scanned a 4x5 at 4000 dpi. The image is around 21160 x 18100 pixels in size. If I ask for a 32 inch print that would be 21160 / 32 = 661 ppi. Apparently, the software will be set to 720 ppi for the printer and things adjusted accordingly.

This takes the heat out of trying to get a specific image size for all the photos in the project.

I'm finding it difficult to trim my scans to say 21000 x 16800 and the knowledge about the printer drivers may make my efforts obsolete.

Hope I've made myself clear enough ...


Jim Jones
22-Oct-2015, 04:48
I usually scan the entire image area of the negative at the maximum practical resolution and resize in an image editor to meet present and future needs. When sure that an image will never be needed in high resolution, I scan at a lower resolution appropriate to the ultimate use.

22-Oct-2015, 07:28
The printer does not resize your image to fit the resolution it prefers. It recalculates for itself what it needs to do to give you the image size you ask for, without you intervention. You are thinking too hard. :-)

24-Oct-2015, 02:36
Personally, I find it unnecessary to worry about the native resolution of print heads and resample to match that resolution, as the interpolation algorithms of printers and printer drivers do quite a nice job these days.

Lenny Eiger
25-Oct-2015, 15:07
Apparently, the software will be set to 720 ppi for the printer and things adjusted accordingly.

This has proven to be untrue....

25-Oct-2015, 16:41
I use an HP T1300 at work. I often setup preformatted page sizes based upon what is being printed. I rarely go above 600 dpi for maps and imagery. I will go higher if the original material warrants it. If going for the highest printable resolution I scan at a high resolution let the software figure the rest. I could scan to match resolution to the print size and dpi but I have seen little use in doing so.

Bruce Watson
25-Oct-2015, 17:43
How much do I need a consistent image size?

Not at all.

25-Oct-2015, 22:58
I think I'm going to scan at high resolution - so that I scan once. The scan will include all 4 sides of the film. It is possible for me to scan at a known resolution but not to completely control the scan dimensions for obvious reasons (it is impossible to select the exact same size using a mouse when the whole image is on the monitor at once). So I will print the whole image and cover over the edge bits with a known and regular matte.

I think ...

28-Oct-2015, 02:48
Why not scan as you please and then crop the part of the image that you want to print? It seems like the most obvious way to me and you don't have to matte every print.