View Full Version : Photos taken in the same studio close to 100 years apart

arkady n.
21-Oct-2015, 18:04
The Royal British Legion 2015 Poppy Appeal leads with a powerful series of images taken at the world’s oldest established photographic studio. The campaign positions photos of modern day Legion beneficiaries besides their counterparts from the First World War, and highlights the sacrifices that were made in the past, and that continue to be made today.


21-Oct-2015, 18:29
What a neat idea!
Strangely enough, without exception I prefer all the earlier portraits.

21-Oct-2015, 19:04
I do the same thing (albiet with a modern digital camera) with historic panoramics.



Randy Moe
21-Oct-2015, 19:48
Love it!

I also love that somebody kept the flame burning all these years. That's not easy.

22-Oct-2015, 05:44
Very very cool, hey where is "the leader" sign? : )

22-Oct-2015, 05:46
I could definitely do this in my town, there is a bunch of old pictures of a couple of buildings that are still around, may not be 100 years but very close