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bob carnie
19-Oct-2015, 06:49
We are having a four day workshop in Toronto over New Years weekend. This course is aimed at those of you
that would like to learn a unique method of making prints.




There is an ongoing resurgence of historic printmaking processes:

The need of artist to once again handle the workflow in a very simplistic way is what we a discussing. We will be able to mix valued process of the past and combining them with new state of the art Photoshop and digital neg making methods.
We will also break down the myths of complexity and complications of working in some of these old processes. By making negatives to contact on paper we can work with various platforms.
Lith Silver , Silver Prints, platinum palladium, and various coloured pigments in gum.

1840 Danforth will host this event and will shut down the facility for four days to accommodate all the participants. This will be a workshop where you can hunker down, learn how to scan if you need scans, learn simple Photoshop conversions to make printing negatives for various creative purposes. This workshop will include demos and hands on practical and the facility will be open from 7 : 30 am till 11 pm each day so that each worker can continue on with private work at their own speed..

Instructors will be Bob Carnie and Steve Sherman- both combining over 70 years of photographic process and printing experience.
Paulette Michyluck and other assistants familiar to the facilities and processes we will be working with us to keep printing late into the evenings.

Steve Sherman will demonstrate the view camera, Semi Stand Process, and Split Printing for Silver, and as well be your darkroom leader and mentor in final print quality.
Bob Carnie will demonstrate PS conversions and negative making and will be available to help visualize which steps will be needed to produce various end prints.
Tri toning pt pd prints by using, shadow, midtone, and highlight negatives will be covered and this is one of the areas closest to Bobís heart.

The main open gallery space upstairs will be set up to bring in your computers and we will network to the printer so that each person will come away knowing exactly how to make the negatives required for all the above.
Paulette and her crew will be present mid day till late evening to assist each worker with materials, coating, processing.

By combining all our expertise we feel that each worker can and will experience through practice the beauty and thrill of making prints again.
Each person will be able to purchase materials to accommodate their needs. You will be assigned your own materials so usage will be determined strictly by your activity in this workshop.

We will be concentrating on the Ron Reeder neg making method using Pictorico and an Epson Printer.
We will also be doing single hit prints for those of you wanting to keep it simple.
But as well we will be mounting paper Arches Platine and making multiple hit prints.
We will be separating out channels in Photoshop to use as printing negatives and with simple registration methods we will all be making various style prints Ö There can be no mistaking the fact that we will make errors but from these we will learn- isnít this how we learn in life.

Groups will be set up so that we all will not be crowded in one area and causing backlogs and our Facility has three major sink stations so this will eliminate the puck hog syndrome.

What you will learn is very how to manipulate any source image. We will break down the steps and experiment.
If I had to explain what these prints are I would say basically are permanent B&W prints that have applied pigment colour on top. Think tri colour silver gelatin, think dye transfer, think fresson, the possibilities are endless.

The process is easy for you to transfer to your home Ė kitchen, second bedroom, or laundry room, or extended room in a studio.
The equipment needed to do this work is not expensive; in lots of cases can be hand madeÖ. Except of course PS and inkjet machine, but everything is quite possibleÖ A simple membership at Gallery 44(Toronto) or local artist group renting out darkroom space, would answer all the needs for someone to continue on post this workshop.

Course fee is $1200 plus tax for four days.
Lab fee is $ 300 plus tax - each person will receive this in material at the start.
Extra printing usage will be charges at a pay as you play fee.
This will be a first come first serve basis

We will be having a show of work produced at this workshop and others that we are
Working on now.

This is a rather long video of the last 2 day workshop we did at Steve Shermans space and will give you an idea of content.

Steve Sherman
21-Oct-2015, 03:53
Bob Carnie and Paulette gave an abbreviated version of this workshop to the New England Large Format Photography Collective last month.
Their explanation of the process is very easy to understand, students were making Gum layers before lunch the first day. Students were using large film Color and B&W originals while others converting cell phone pix to beautiful Palladium prints with multiple layers of bold colors, exciting to see the potential of this straight forward approach to and incredibly archival final process.

For my part in the workshop, Iíll be sharing how the Semi-Stand / Extreme Minimal Agitation technique has evolved since I perfected the process some 12 years ago. I believe I have taken negative design and tonality relationships to levels few can compete with in the Silver Gelatin final print.
In fact, Iíve created a development scheme to produce acutance and micro contrast never before possible with the Pt. / Pd. process from in camera negatives. Extensive visual comparisons and aids are used to demonstrate my process and theory and a 30 page manual is given to all attendees.

Demonstrations on View camera control and theory, Split Contrast Correction printing with Silver Gelatin materials and Split Toning for archival permanence well beyond the accepted norm for the Silver Gelatin process.

Itís not easy for me to boast what Iíve accomplished with this form of Film processing, take a look at the Testimonials by scrolling to the bottom of this page on my web site. http://www.steve-sherman.com/workshops.cfm

4-Jan-2016, 08:20
Well, it's over and done and what an amazing group to be acquainted with for 4 days.
Steve is a really nice guy!
Bob can juggle 13 people all at once!
Paulette, Bob's associate is a gem!
Everybody learned tons.

bob carnie
4-Jan-2016, 08:56

We had a good group, lots of prints made, I can credit Bill with the name for halfsies when splitting and image.
I will post images as the come over the next month.

bob carnie
4-Jan-2016, 12:22

Meat courtesy Bob Carnie Horse Courtesy Larry Hayden Tree Courtesy David Christensen

hope to be able to post others.