View Full Version : Options for carrying Graflex Series D 4X5 and gear

18-Oct-2015, 16:28
I have been carrying this thing, with 8-10 film holders, and assorted other necessities in an old Zone VI white naugahyde camera bag. The bag is to flimsy and everything is just to heavy in it, hanging off my shoulder. I was thinking I would like to have a small padded bag just for the camera alone (no shoulder strap required as I would just carry it by the handle) and everything else in a camera backpack with perhaps a tripod strapped under the backpack. I have a small camera backpack that may work. Any suggestions for a square(ish) padded nylon or canvas bag/case with a sturdy handle on top? The inside dimensions of the bag/case would need to be about 9 X 8 inches and about 8" deep. Any other suggestions?

Pete Roody
18-Oct-2015, 19:20

I use a Think Tank Streetwalker backpack with my Super D. It carries the camera, 4 grafmatic holders (24 sheets of film), meter, 3 lenses (1 in camera), and my tripod straps to the back. This backpack is really light (weighs a little over 2 pounds). It also can fit in airline overhead bins.


19-Oct-2015, 14:15
Hi Pete, I have a larger backpack that I have my 4X5 wooden field camera and gear in. I did try the Graflex in it but it was just uncomfortably heavy for me. That's why I think I would rather just carry the camera separate in it's own case, and the gear in a smaller backpack...I think.

Drew Bedo
20-Oct-2015, 06:50
here have been a couple threads here on using various sets of wheels to move around heavy sets of gear such as 8x10 with holders and tripds: aptations of jogging strolers and golf bag pull carts. Worth thinking about.

Other non back pack options might be one of the LowePro "Magnum" shoulder bags. Some models are designed for bulky video gear . . .all are stoutly built.