View Full Version : PBS New Mexico interview Saturday 4pm.

Kirk Gittings
15-Oct-2015, 10:48
If you are in New Mexico: http://www.newmexicopbs.org/productions/colores/
Otherwise it will be on YouTube at some point in the future.

Alan Curtis
15-Oct-2015, 11:39
Is this the same show that interviewed William Clift?

Kirk Gittings
15-Oct-2015, 14:21
Alan, Yes it is. Though I wanted to do mine in the field, they chose to do it in the studio. I was a complete idiot the day of the taping, couldn't remember my own name. They said it was fine. I'm hoping the editor is extremely talented....:)

Alan Curtis
16-Oct-2015, 04:46
We should be able to view it from their website. Colores is a high quality production. In addition to Bill Clift they have done episodes on Laura Gilpin, Eliot Porter and Beaumont Newhall. Congratulations, they pick very talented artist.

Jim Fitzgerald
16-Oct-2015, 07:13
Kirk, very nice indeed. I can't wait to see it on you tube. Congratulations.

Chauncey Walden
16-Oct-2015, 09:39
Kirk, can't wait to watch it. You deserve a special. I hope the royalties from it will keep you in film for years;-)

Kirk Gittings
16-Oct-2015, 10:05
Thanks all. Just to be clear it is not a special but a segment. They generally just do them in 8 minute segments.

Randy Moe
16-Oct-2015, 11:57
Yes, congratulations!

Looking forward to your 8 minutes of fame segment.

Please alert us when it is youtube live.

Alan Curtis
16-Oct-2015, 12:39
If you go to the stations website http://www.newmexicopbs.org/productions/colores/ , Kirks segment should be available after the Saturday showing. Look through their archives, there are other talented photographers listed.

Alan Curtis
19-Oct-2015, 08:06
Very well done Kirk, for all your apprehension, you gave an excellent interview. And, we were able to see more of your wonderful photography with your feeling for the art and landscape.
The clip is available now on the website mentioned above.

Randy Moe
19-Oct-2015, 08:31
Really nicely presented. I loved seeing your prints on big screen, your comments are sage.

Thank you.

Terry Moore
19-Oct-2015, 09:09
Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.

Doremus Scudder
19-Oct-2015, 09:09
Bravo, Kirk! Great images - great narrative. I hope you got (and will get) lots of viewers. I especially liked the last part about an artist being educator and preservationist. I share your views on this.



Peter York
19-Oct-2015, 09:14
Beautiful segment, Kirk. Wide open spaces, with clouds.

19-Oct-2015, 09:38
Great job, Kirk. This segment does well at bringing out the art and dedication of your work. This will surely inspire others to try and achieve a vision.


Merg Ross
19-Oct-2015, 10:04
Beautiful work, perfect narrative. Proof that great photographs are the result of dedication, thought, and hard work. And, of course, a good eye!

Congratulations, Kirk!

19-Oct-2015, 13:43
Congrats Kirk, here at the forum we have the chance to make contact with the work of many photographers in a very fragmented way, but to come across with the ensemble of an art work commented by the author it's a very rich moment we can all enjoy,
Thanks for posting,



Kirk Gittings
19-Oct-2015, 18:26
Thank you all SO much!!! Means a lot coming from my peers.

Hugo Zhang
19-Oct-2015, 19:23

Do you have a youtube for this? Congratulations!!!


Kirk Gittings
19-Oct-2015, 19:32
Hugo-no YouTube yet. Just streaming from PBS NM. http://www.newmexicopbs.org/productions/colores/october-17-2015/

Hugo Zhang
19-Oct-2015, 19:45
Powerful and thanks!!!

Chauncey Walden
19-Oct-2015, 21:39
Really nice, Kirk! Well done.

20-Oct-2015, 05:37

I saw the interview on the youtube channel of PBS NM, yours in this link: