View Full Version : Anyone using an iMac with retina 5K display

Thad Gerheim
15-Oct-2015, 07:33
What's your thoughts on the newer iMacs? I'm looking to upgrade from a 2007 iMac and there is so-ooo many options out there. I routinely work on 900mb+ files, also interested in how well you can calibrate to kinda match prints from Epsons.


Thad Gerheim
15-Oct-2015, 07:37
Sorry, this should be moved to digital hardware.

Richard Johnson
15-Oct-2015, 10:02
I have one from this Spring, not the just introduced version. I absolutely love it. Max the memory of course.

As for calibration I use the latest X-rite i1 and it works well. As for matching prints how perfect do you expect a backlit display to be against dull paper? It always takes some judgement and practice but the colors are in the right place.

Thad Gerheim
15-Oct-2015, 15:24
Thanks Richard, I realize there isn't a perfect system. But, this sounds good.

Keith Pitman
15-Oct-2015, 17:09
Look on "The Online Photographer" for an informative article be Ctein on that new Retina IMac.