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13-Oct-2015, 18:44
......I never introduced myself!

I'm just a dumb electrician from Iowa who just happens to enjoy photography. Last month, I jumped back into the LF scene with my acquisition of a Shen Hao HZX45 II-A in mint condition. I've had the opportunity to garner three lenses (Nikkor 90/8, Nikkor 150/5.6 and Caltar (Camulet) 210/5.6.

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to shoot in what was a small-engine repair shop run solely by one man who had passed away (long story there, but I won't bother with it). It was as everything in the shop was old. There was a tag on a drill press that stated "Purch'd Nov 1949". I thought this was a perfect spot to 'relearn' shooting LF, so I spent about 3 hours there.

Spent half an hour in Ye Olde-Fashioned Darkroom tonight, making a wet print of one of the negatives.


I was getting way too much contrast shooting Ilford Delta 100 at factory specs, so I dropped it to ISO 50 and cut developing from 12:00 to 9:30. Now I'm seeing much better mid-tones.

Data for this image:
Camera: Shen Hao HZX45 IIA
Lens: Caltar II-S 210mm/5.6
Film: Ilford Delta 100
Shot at: N-1
13s at f/16
Lighting was open garage door to left and Nikon Speedlight SB600 fired from right at power about 12 times.
Processing: Ilford DD-X @1+4, 68F, 9m30s, 60s agitation
Printed with: Beseler 45MXT, Nikkor 135/5.6 at f/22 for 18s on Ilford Multigrade (no filter)
Developed in Ilford Multrigrade Developer 60s.

13-Oct-2015, 18:48
Welcome back, and heckuva good (re)start...

13-Oct-2015, 18:56
Very nice! Welcome!

13-Oct-2015, 19:41
Welcome back. FWIW, you're not the only electrician on this forum.

Peter De Smidt
13-Oct-2015, 19:48
Looking good.

Randy Moe
13-Oct-2015, 19:54


John Kasaian
13-Oct-2015, 20:55
Cool!:cool: Welcome aboard.

Andrew O'Neill
14-Oct-2015, 11:55
Well done... and welcome!

Alan Gales
14-Oct-2015, 21:12
Welcome back Sparky from a retired Tin Man.

Shoot some more of that stuff. Looks great!

Bill Kumpf
15-Oct-2015, 03:52
Nice. Please post more images........

4-Nov-2015, 11:13
nice, very very nice...good job 480Sparky

David Karp
4-Nov-2015, 12:28