View Full Version : Large Format Workshops in Mississippi Area?

11-Oct-2015, 19:07
Are there any workshops available in or near Mississippi? I have been shooting LF for about five years, but I have hit a brick wall and do not seem to be getting any better. Or a one on one study would be helpful too.

J Durr Wise

Bruce Barlow
12-Oct-2015, 03:50
What wall do you think you have hit?

12-Oct-2015, 04:20
What wall do you think you have hit?

I guess you would say my "creative" wall.

Thom Bennett
12-Oct-2015, 06:56

Don't forget that we have an informal large format group in New Orleans that gets together every few months to photograph, chat, and generally help each other out. We're due for one. Usually get together on a Sunday morning. I'll let you know the next time we plan an outing. Or, maybe we can take a road trip to Jackson.


peter schrager
12-Oct-2015, 11:11
New Orleans photo alliance

25-Oct-2015, 14:24
Thom, I have been watching for one to come up...please let me know. I want to join y'all! Thanks