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11-Oct-2015, 05:18
Today I feel I can officially call myself a large format photographer. For the first time in several years of LF shooting all came together for a perfect image.

I survived a 5 mile hike and the annoyance of loud teenagers and silly questions to capture an image of a waterfall in a cave. Range of light was about 5 stops so I chose to let some of the cave go black so as not to lighten the surrounding rock too much. I only took 1 shot. F32 for DOF, 3 seconds for the water blur, on HP5 @200 . Metering off of the grey walls and dark areas.

I changed my film processing to a slightly longer development time and had a negative with no scratches or other blemishes. The negative itself looked different than most of the negatives I have ever shot. The contact print showed tons of detail in the rock face and had some glow when wet. The first 8x10 print for testing time showed no need for burning/dodging higher contrast grade, or other modifications. But I had something on my hands when handling the paper so print had white finger prints.

I made a second print but allowed it to sit in the developer for and extra 30 seconds. OMG - a perfect print. I let it dry overnight and it is still excellent. I am using Ethol LPD developer so I may even try a cooler mix of 1:1 vs 1:3 to see if the slight color change has any impact.
Also will print on Fiber to see if it still holds the magic. This image also cries out to be printed large.

Now some could argue on quality of subject matter as the falls are tiny compared to the surrounding rock, or composition/framing possibly, But the process matched my vision from the moment I saw the falls. The details in the rock face are amazing and the water blur near perfect.

And then it happened again. An image I had made in Charleston a few months earlier came out nearly perfect except for some lens flare in an unfortunate area at the base of a tree. The image itself is what I envisioned and prints quite easily.

Today is a happy day!

Gary Beasley
11-Oct-2015, 05:35
Way to go! Post pictures asap.

22-Oct-2015, 05:50
I would like to see the image, sounds like a nice one, maybe we could all meet up sometime for an LF shoot,

Mark Sawyer
22-Oct-2015, 11:58
I'm sorry, but no, you're not a "real" large format photographer until you post the images on the Large Format Photography Forum. I'm pretty sure this was specified in Group f/64's Manifesto...

22-Oct-2015, 15:56
Congratulations! Now implement additional security on your wallet, etc. :) Look forward to seeing the picture.

22-Oct-2015, 18:46
And six months ago you couldn't even spell it.

22-Oct-2015, 19:06
Oh no, he's got the curse!!! (Another one bites the dust...)

For punishment, go to your darkroom, and don't come out until you "see the light"...

There will be some "explaining" to do with your loved ones...

But what a GREAT way to ruin your life!!!!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve K

25-Oct-2015, 13:54
Congratulations! Now implement additional security on your wallet, etc. :) Look forward to seeing the picture.
Yes and whatever you do ..don't get PayPal credit [emoji16]

Bruce Watson
4-Feb-2016, 08:36
Today is a happy day!

Indeed. Congratulations!