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9-Oct-2015, 15:22
At the suggestion of master camera builder and Zone VI veteran Richard Ritter, that I needed a "better" tripod for my 8x10, I ordered a Ries tripod with a nearly 6" square mounting base plate.

Upon arrival, I was more than pleasantly surprised with its workmanship and features. Indeed, more than being built like a tank, it is a work of beauty in wood and metal.

At my request, the tripod came with my name laser engraved on one leg, and the workmanship throughout is impeccable.

In my opinion, it is worth every penny and the wait to be hand crafted. Indeed, my only regret is that I did not purchase my Ries years ago. This tripod is more than a "treat", it is a essential purchase for a life time of serious photography.

Disclaimer. I have no financial interest in the Ries Tripod Company and I have never met anyone from the company.


Drew Wiley
9-Oct-2015, 15:36
When you see just how well these tripods hold up over time, you'll be even more pleased.

9-Oct-2015, 17:52
At my request, the tripod came with my name laser engraved on one leg.

This must be a new option!

I’m tempted to send mine back for the personalization.

But I'd hate to blemish the beautiful hard rock maple with HEROIQUE.

David Lobato
9-Oct-2015, 18:16
I got a used Ries tripod in January for my 8x10. When it arrived I kicked myself for waiting 27 years to get one. It's also a sweet setup with my 4x5.

9-Oct-2015, 19:22
Pretty much only way to go for ULF excepting Richard Ritters creations!

Alan Gales
9-Oct-2015, 21:43
I own two Ries tripods, an A100 and J100. Both are equipped with Ries double tilt heads. In my opinion Ries are the finest tripods made. You are going to love the leg locks. If you ever need customer service, they are wonderful and stand behind their products.