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6-Oct-2015, 12:21
I am relatively new to the photography world even though, growing up, my mom burned through 35mm film in her Pentax like it was free..... A good friend and coworker introduced me to the world as seen through a viewfinder in 2007. As a rank amateur digital camera jockey, I started looking deeper into the ways of capturing the image. As fate would have it, my father-in-law gave me a truckload of photography gear, including a 4x5 LF land camera. And now I am here . . . Hours after pouring over the threads and reading and absorbing, I want to learn how to use this beast; learn how to develop these photos; learn the ways of the masters before the convenience of digital-art. Okay, maybe that's a little over the top, but I am fascinated by this format. Thanks for being here!

Fr. Mark
6-Oct-2015, 12:48
I hope you are not the last new guy (or gal, there are some women on this site).

I got into LF a couple years ago and it is both wonderful (when it all works) and maddening (when you repeat a dumb mistake or can't figure out what went wrong). Welcome aboard!

6-Oct-2015, 14:17
Welcome! There's an abundance of info on this site (in the non forum, main page, too). Good luck! Don't stress too much over mistakes, just learn how to avoid them the next time. There will be mistakes, btw.

6-Oct-2015, 14:17
I hope this endeavor will give you many happy years, as it has me. I also believe that 30 years from now, some will still be learning LF, if just wetplates they make themselves.

Randy Moe
6-Oct-2015, 14:34
I started 4 years ago at 61 and have not regretted a moment.

I consider myself a LF novice hobbyist.

I was born about 61 years late...:)

John Kasaian
7-Oct-2015, 06:41
Welcome aboard!

7-Oct-2015, 10:10
Thanks for the warm welcomes! I have pulled all the pieces out of this kit and am almost overwhelmed . . . it's a good thing that a stack of books was also included, so now I have plenty of reference material and directions, to include you guys on this site! I started reading A. Adams book, The Camera, and I am hooked! I will have to do much learning before I even attempt to make an image . . . about the camera, about the process and about the developing. I guess I will need to look into dark rooming, too. There is a Polaroid back in my kit - does that mean there is a film cartridge I can buy and insert into that back? Will that film develop like the Polaroid film I am more familiar with - as soon as it is exposed to the light, after a few minutes?

Randy Moe
7-Oct-2015, 10:18
Short answer is 'yes'.

Now you will need to study, have you read everything here. I did and still go back to the very informative page.http://www.largeformatphotography.info/

7-Oct-2015, 10:26
Thanks, Randy! I am not even close to have read everything here - but I am working on it! So much excellent information here!

7-Oct-2015, 14:40
The Polaroid holder I see in your picture is for type 55 film, which is not currently made. Sorta. There's been a kickstarter by a group trying to sorta reinvent it, but better. Their version should work in the holder you have. The only thing is that it isn't reliably available, yet, as they have some technical kinks to work out still. And it's not cheap.
But once you see a print come up in the developer, you might be hooked forever. So start keeping your eyes out for a cheap/free enlarger for 4x5. There's plenty of help here and at APUG.org for building and using a darkroom. That's when it gets completely addicting. And a darkroom makes loading and unloading film holders much easier.

Tim Meisburger
7-Oct-2015, 18:35
That's a nice kit. You have everything you need to shoot. Check youtube on loading holders, then find a dark closet and laod some of that black and white film and have at it.

Actually, what I recommend is that you find an LF shooter in your area and meet up for a few hours. It is possible to learn everything over the internet (I did), but it will take a while to learn what you could from someone in a few hours. If you were in Bangkok I would walk you through the process from loading holders to using the camera to developing film and making a contact print or enlargement in a couple hours.

Let me know if you are out this way:)

7-Oct-2015, 19:44
Welcome To LF photography, always remember to close your lens after you focus and remove your darkslide before tripping the shutter and another important tip.. put your darkslide back in before removing the film holder from the camera : )

Alan Gales
7-Oct-2015, 21:02
Nope. A Frenchman named Lional1972 just joined so you are not the last. :)

Welcome to the forum. You have a nice kit there. Have fun!