View Full Version : Back after a long hiatus

Jeremy Moore
29-Sep-2015, 11:13
So I'm slowly getting back into shooting larger cameras and will be lurking about the forums. Most likely I'll be delving into the archives and re-finding answers to problems I forgot how to solve.

Most of my day is spent photographing old things with high end digital gear in a room without windows. I'm *really* looking forward to more time outside behind a ground glass and not in front of the computer. Hopefully I will have some new work to share here before too long.

- Jeremy

29-Sep-2015, 13:29
Hell yeah. Welcome back.

Andrew O'Neill
29-Sep-2015, 13:33
Welcome back! Where have you been?

Alan Gales
29-Sep-2015, 14:36
Welcome back! Where have you been?

Can't you read? He's been in the bowels of digital hell! ;)

Welcome back, Jeremy!