View Full Version : I had a tripod to tripod head adapter made

Liquid Artist
21-Sep-2015, 16:42
I've had a heavy duty Linhof tripod since starting LF that worked fine until I got a wooden 5x7 a year ago. That's when I discovered that the base of some cameras interferes with the quick releases lock bolt. So I've been using my backup until now.

Since joselsgil was practically giving away a Majestic gearhead I decided to buy it, even though it fits a 1 5/8 inch shaft rather than the 1 3/8 inch Linhof shaft.

After I took possession of it I took it to a machinist, who in turn turned me up this beautiful adapter out of 6061 aluminum.

Here's the tripod head mounted, after a fresh coat of Tremclad.


All in all I spent around $70.00 Canadian for the milling and materials plus $25.00 USD for the tripod head.

Now I have something I feel I can trust even when I switch to ULF.