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K. Praslowicz
21-Sep-2015, 14:50
I've realized as the years go by I've managed to amass a number of large format photos of things that have gone awry. Doesn't seem to be a good catch-all thread here already for such photos so I figure I'll start one up.

https://c41.kpraslowicz.com/photo/full/2016-10-19/spur-collapse.jpg?v=1.0.5 (https://www.kpraslowicz.com/gas-station-collapse-965)

Gas Station Collapse - 2014. Wehman 8x10. Fuji 250mm

21-Sep-2015, 15:15
https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7342/9737081652_39ecf379a6_c.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/fQr699)
Aftermath (https://flic.kr/p/fQr699) by Isaac Sachs (https://www.flickr.com/photos/rhitmrb/), on Flickr

K. Praslowicz
21-Sep-2015, 17:10
He's lucky he only lost the bush.

Oren Grad
21-Sep-2015, 21:14
Taken at dusk, a few hours after tropical storm Irene passed through. Fortunately, no serious damage shown here, just some big branches down.

Nagaoka 5x7, 150mm Sinaron WS [Apo-Sironar(-W)], HP5 Plus, 20 seconds at f/32.


21-Sep-2015, 22:51
interesting correlation with the first image :)


Mark Sampson
22-Sep-2015, 19:03
That is (or was) a famous trestle in NW Pennsylvania, correct?

22-Sep-2015, 20:59
Acts of God? Thought religion was off limits.

K. Praslowicz
22-Sep-2015, 21:33
Acts of God? Thought religion was off limits.

Easy now. Acts of God is a legal definition. Such as this example in the MN state statutes. (https://www.revisor.leg.state.mn.us/statutes?id=115B.02#stat.115B.02.2)

115B.02 Subd. 2. Act of God. "Act of God" means an unanticipated grave natural disaster or other natural phenomenon of an exceptional, inevitable, and irresistible character, the effects of which could not have been prevented or avoided by the exercise of due care or foresight.

Pat Kearns
24-Sep-2015, 19:07
From the 2012 Christmas Day tornado that took away Rudolph's roof.

25-Sep-2015, 11:44
That is (or was) a famous trestle in NW Pennsylvania, correct?

Yep. Kinzua (pronounced Kin-Zoo). Magnificent structure even in ruins.

25-Sep-2015, 11:53
A cypress in ruins.


This was an act of the God, Aeolus.

Toyo 45c
Schneider XL 110mm/5.6
T-max 100 (in T-max rs)
Epson Scan/Epson 4990

K. Praslowicz
4-Oct-2015, 11:07
https://c41.kpraslowicz.com/photo/full/2016-09-10/vermillian.jpg?v=1.0.5 (https://www.kpraslowicz.com/the-collapse-of-vermilion-road-549)

Flooding taking out a road. Deardorff 8x10. Fuji 250mm

10-Oct-2015, 21:17

K. Praslowicz
11-Nov-2016, 17:51

Aftermath of a storm with high winds (https://www.kpraslowicz.com/wind-damage-aftermath-duluth-mn-1050). July, 2016.

Wehman 8x10. Kodak Ektar 100. Fuji 250mm.