View Full Version : Proofing paper for Canson Photo Rag

Arthur Nichols
19-Sep-2015, 14:15
Does anyone have a suggestion for a proofing paper to use when printing on Canson Photo Rag. I am looking for something cheaper to work out the bigger issues with image development and printing before going to the Canson.

19-Sep-2015, 14:19
Maybe use smaller size Canson paper and print portions of the image? That is what I did when proofing large darkroom prints.

John Bowen
20-Sep-2015, 18:47
Have you tried this:
The ability to print on both sides will cut your cost in 1/2 compared to the 310gsm version.

Arthur Nichols
25-Sep-2015, 06:40
I did order some of the duo but it is still kind of expensive. I also ordered some greenpix from red river paper. This is substantially cheaper and should be good enough for proofing the the coarse adjustments. It is however brighter and colder than the canson rag

25-Sep-2015, 07:35
From my experience, most papers translate well. Don't overthink it.

I use any scrap paper I can. Usually RC matte DUO paper that I'm stuck with cause it is too curled for artists' book printing. Or cheap RC gloss paper. When it looks good I make 4 x 6 proof from the actual paper, then maybe a letter size print. If you only make small work prints, sometimes you will see a problem in the larger print, so I always make intermediate prints. I keep the letter size prints for scanning purposes if I ever lose the original digital files.



I only use 2 to 3 fine art papers, so I know what they do pretty much. Really, I can get my with just one Baryta gloss fine art paper. The other 2 papers are matter and textured fine art which I seldom use now.

Look, you can't screw around and do good work if your a cheapskate. You have to use some paper in order to print well.