View Full Version : looking for LF folks in houston, texas/gulf coast area

the smiling gecko
15-Sep-2015, 10:13
hello all,

looking for LF folks in houston, texas/near gulf coast area...would like to fine-tune my technique with my 8x10 seneca city view and it's recently added 11x14 kin.

over the past two years or so i have made some nice images. been pleased with most of my contact prints, but feel they could be "better".

would like to collaborate with nearby LF members.

my job takes me out on the road three weeks at a time and then i have a week off.

the smiling gecko, aka the photographer by the sea, aka "hey you, what's' with the old wooden camera?"

David Lobato
15-Sep-2015, 18:28
I don't get down to the gulf much, but it would be nice to make some excursions in the area with 8x10 and 11x14.

the smiling gecko
15-Sep-2015, 21:09
sounds good. will be back in town around 18th/19th. drop me an email if you will be in the area.

just got a holder for my 11x14...don't have my pre- ordered 11x14 fp4+ yet, but iii do have some fuji x-ray and ilford fiber paper to try out.

breathe, relax and enjoy.