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14-Sep-2015, 07:42
Hi all, a new member here from Oxfordshire. While I currently shoot digital (Nikon D800E), the purchase last year of a tilt-shift lens, I'm excited to say/fear, has opened a whole new vista/can of worms (delete as appropriate)! I'm yet to buy any gear, and haven't shot film for many years, but am willing to give it a go once I've saved up the pennies/rationalized some gear.

I'm a subscriber to Tim Parkin's onlandscape magazine, which I've found very useful, as I have this site. One thing that others can perhaps help me with is that I've tried to register for the UK Large Format forum, but haven't had my registration processed properly. This is quite annoying since the buy/sell pages there look quite useful. Any thoughts/ideas from anyone here? I emailed the webmaster there, but without reply so far.

Alan Gales
14-Sep-2015, 12:35
Dave, it takes being a member for 30 days before the for sale section and the Lounge will open up for you. This wait time cuts down on the spammers.

Welcome to the forum! Be sure to click on the LF Home Page. There is a lot of useful information on there to help you decide on a camera and lenses.


14-Sep-2015, 13:38
Thanks for that, Alan. Actually, I was referring to the www.lf-photo.org.uk/ forum, which seems to be rather less active though people are still posting in the buy/sell section.

John Kasaian
14-Sep-2015, 17:15
Welcome aboard!
I know there are a few members on the UK forum who also post here. Perhaps they can point you in the right direction for membership.

Pete Watkins
14-Sep-2015, 23:41
Welcome Dave. The UK forum is all but dead apart from the sales section.

15-Sep-2015, 00:14
Another welcome Dave, I'm an hour from Oxford and you're welcome to pop over if you want to see & play with some LF cameras and lenses.

Once you've been a member here a for a month you can use the Sales and Wanted, most UK LF people post their sales and wants here anyway as well as other Europeans. US prices are much lower than here but we sometimes get stung for Import Duty and VAT which is cumulative on the cost of the item and shipping, then a handling charge, that can add just over 30%.


15-Sep-2015, 02:36
Thanks for that, Ian. It will be a few months yet, but I may be in touch at some point! I'm near Banbury.