View Full Version : Hello from NY (Long Island)

10-Sep-2015, 07:25
Hello everybody.
After many delays, I'm finally getting back into film photography.
Been about 35 years since I had a home darkroom.
I'm in the process of digging out all the old cameras - everything ranging from Kodak folders (converted to 120 film) to a Busch Pressman 4x5.
Film, paper and chemicals delivered yesterday - working on setting up my darkroom area.
Hope to post some holiday themed photos in October. (hint)

11-Sep-2015, 22:43
Hello. If you don't mind where on Long Island? I am at Hofstra.

Peter De Smidt
12-Sep-2015, 08:22
Welcome, George.

Bob Mann
12-Sep-2015, 12:46
Welcome to the forum from Northport -