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4-Sep-2015, 18:25
I wonder if some photoshop wizard could advise me how to blend the hard edge on the RHS of this image, the contrast is a little higher than the other files. I have it saved as a psb with all the layers included. My photoshop skills stop at the spot healing brush. 3 horizontal wholeplate negatives. I can see this printed 2 meters long on HPR with cone carbon ink and it still would not be much of an enlargement, if I can find someone to hang it.


Peter De Smidt
4-Sep-2015, 20:41
If it's a hard line between the frames, use a selection tool to select either the right side or left side of the image. (I would use the pen tool, but if you're not familiar with that, there are some simpler selection tools.) Zoom in to 100% or more to get it exactly right. With, say, the right side selected, created a curves adjustment layer and match the tones. An easy way is to take the eyedropper tool and sample some of the areas on the left side. Note their values. Now go to the right side. Check the corresponding values, and use a curve adjustment layer to raise or lower the values as needed. If the line isn't hard, paint black with a low opacity soft brush along the edge until they blend. If that doesn't make sense to you, find someone who can show you.

4-Sep-2015, 21:23
Thanks. I'll have a go tonight, nothing to loose.

Lachlan 717
4-Sep-2015, 23:30
Few questions:
*What edition of PS are you using?
*How did you stitch these?

The auto pano option should look after these issues if you're using a later version of PS.

4-Sep-2015, 23:50
CC 2015 and I used auto pano with geometric distortion ticked. Dont tell me 7x17, I am not productive in anything bigger than whole plate, tried already. Originally I intended them to be a triptych but thought i would give stitching a go, may go back to that. We will see.

Lachlan 717
5-Sep-2015, 00:45
I just use Photomerge panoramic on auto. Works for stitching 7x17.

Perhaps the original scans differ too much? Try to maintain a standard dynamic range (black, white and mid points) from first to last scan.

Lachlan 717
5-Sep-2015, 00:46
If that didn't work, try the Healing tool on the sky area. Start low (10% opacity) and see how it goes.

5-Mar-2016, 21:03
Select all 3 files then use edit>autoblend layers.