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3-Sep-2015, 12:42
Inspired by this thread (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?124845-Old-Car-City), I'm going to attempt to coordinate a north GA and surrounding area meetup! There seems to be a good number of folks in the Atlanta area as well as TN/SC/etc. areas.

I don't know how everyone's schedules look but I figured around the holidays in December would be good (and, frankly, the only time possible for me when looking at my 2015 calendar). So, to that end, I would like to know who would be available the weekend of December 19th and/or 20th. Alternatively, if you are not available then, how about the 12th / 13th?

If plenty of people are available on one of these weekends, I think we should do a meetup and shoot some film! My thoughts for locations would be:

Old Car City, USA (http://oldcarcityusa.com/)
White, GA
Plenty to shoot, easily accessible? Located fairly equidistant for our northern friends to come.

Amicalola Falls (http://gastateparks.org/AmicalolaFalls)
Dawsonville, GA
Beautiful scenery, but some arduous hiking if you want to go to the falls. Much more east.

Cloudland Canyon State Park (http://gastateparks.org/CloudlandCanyon)
Rising Fawn, GA
Never been here but it looks interesting, much more northwest.

Any other suggestions or ideas?

Chime in if you are available, have a suggestion, or want to come!

If we get something going I'd be happy to make any arrangements as necessary. I will give out my personal contact information once we get some things coordinated!

Gary Beasley
3-Sep-2015, 15:05
You might have more fun at "Rocktown" atop Pigeon Mountain near Lafayette. Plenty of Rock formations to shoot. Cloudland Canyon is nice but there's a steep staircase to the bottom to see the falls and no easy place to get off trail and shoot. Not sure about the rim trails though, never tried them. Raven Cliff Falls near Helen has better access to the waterfalls along the trail if you like to shoot water.

3-Sep-2015, 15:11
Thanks for the suggestion! I just looked that up and it looks amazing! I will definitely have to go there myself either way, but here's a site I found showing some of the formations you mentioned @Rocktown:


Definitely a great option!

I've been to Duke's Creek Falls (many times, I went there as a child all the time and swam there, before it was a well-known place), as well as Desoto, but never Raven Cliff. Another one to explore!

4-Sep-2015, 06:07

Would be available probably for the weekend of 12/13th.

Up near Helen just across from Lake Burton is a fairly easy hike to the Moccasin Creek / Hemlock falls area. Also fairly close to Helen is the High Shoals/Blue Hole falls. With Helen as a base other areas close by are the Raven Cliffs and Dodd Creek off the Richard B Russell Hwy as well as Brasstown Bald. Town of Helen itself could lend to some opportunities as at that time would probably be decorated for the Holidays.



4-Sep-2015, 10:00
Great, thanks for the additional ideas! Let's see how many folks would be interested in that weekend.

5-Oct-2015, 18:39
Hi guys!

It seems like there is limited interest in a meetup! Too bad, maybe another time would be better. For now I think it's best to bench this idea and maybe later on it'll be of more interest.

Besides which, my GF and I just found out she got a new job so right around December I'll be very, very busy now having to help her move to a temporary new residence.

Gary Beasley
6-Oct-2015, 17:28
Congrats! I'm trying to revive my darkroom and maybe retire next year so I can have time for more shooting.

6-Oct-2015, 21:04
Thanks Gary! I don't know what I'll be doing come next year but my GF will be working up in Dahlonega. I was just in Roswell a few weeks ago and went to the Vickery Creek Trail. Really beautiful place.

7-Oct-2015, 08:58
Vickery Creek is nice , and not too far away is the Big Creek Greenway trail that has a couple spots that have some promise, especially the Trail between McFarland and Union Hill Rds. The southern part of the trail from Webb's bridge to Old Alabama rd sees quite a bit of traffic (walkers, runners and bikes) the northern section is not quite as crowded. If your in Dahlonega or Dawsonville it's an easy drive to number of places in the N Ga Mtns.


7-Oct-2015, 13:39
There's a ton of places I'd like to explore around the N. GA area if I get a chance. The Rock Town place mentioned by Gary in post #2 is going to happen sometime soon hopefully.

Roger Cole
8-Oct-2015, 01:15
Glad I checked in here again instead of just reading the Wanderlust thread. ;)

It's WAY too far out for me to say for sure about my availability for either date but the earlier one is more likely. I'm definitely interested.

11-Oct-2015, 06:01
Im interested too,

the smiling gecko
25-Oct-2015, 07:01
hello all,

unexpected lay over in and i am in atlanta, ga for the day - october 25, sunday wondering if there is any sort of get together going on and/or if someone local might be up to showing me around...

the smiling gecko, aka kenneth david, aka "hey you with the old camera"
the photographer by the sea