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1-Sep-2015, 14:20
Soooo...I've been lurking around here since January when I acquired my 4X5 camera, a Cambo SC, which came with a tripod and most everything to get started. Truth be told I haven't shot much LF because, as I discovered, a rail camera is not conducive to being lugged around. So I am now looking for a field camera, preferably a Shen Hao...

I have spent most of my time shooting around the city with a Bronica, which one person politely called a "howitzer," or a 35mm slr. But I enjoy the aesthetics and the challenges involved in shooting LF; it slows me down and makes me think about each element of a shot.

But I am glad to be here and I'm sure that as I learn more, I'll have more questions!

1-Sep-2015, 14:35
Welcome! LF Photographers always say, "the bigger the better".:)

Eric Biggerstaff
1-Sep-2015, 15:13
Welcome, there are other members from Philadelphia who would be great sources of knowledge, look them up and have some fun!

1-Sep-2015, 15:53
I know a few folks who are also in a darkroom class I take at the Fleisher, but I will hunt around for others on the site :)

George Losse
2-Sep-2015, 08:13
Hello from New Jersey and welcome to the strange and wonderful world of Large Format Photography. I'm about 22 miles East of Philadelphia.

2-Sep-2015, 17:30
Hello from Upper Bucks County about an hour north of Philly.
I am now shooting with an 8x10 after several years of medium format 6x6cm.
Fall is a great time for a Philly streets-scape shoot!