View Full Version : Can you swap Epson 3800 and 3880 light magenta cartridges?

31-Aug-2015, 16:04
Can you use Epson's "vivid" light magenta instead of the regular 5806 light magenta in a Epson 3800 printer.Amazon doesn't have the 5806 ink cartridge just the vivid cartridge.I don't want to jack up my printer.

Oren Grad
31-Aug-2015, 16:20
I think the answer is no, they have different chip programming.

Greg Davis
31-Aug-2015, 16:20
Most likely the printer will not recognize the different cartridge and simply give an error message instead of printing.

1-Sep-2015, 05:39
It won't recognize it, and it might not even fit.

Andrew O'Neill
1-Sep-2015, 22:25
The cartridges are the same. Just switch the chips.

Jim Andrada
4-Sep-2015, 20:01
Or get it from another supplier

Oren Grad
5-Sep-2015, 06:52
Even if you can get a 3880 light magenta cartridge to "handshake" with a 3800 printer by putting in a 3800 chip, the printer and/or software will use a profile intended for the 3800 ink. I don't know under what circumstances or how much that would mess up your results, but the whole point of introducing the new magenta inks was that they are different, so I don't think it's safe to assume that there will be no perceptible effect.

Andrew O'Neill
6-Sep-2015, 20:46
Worked for me with refillable cartridges and epson chips...but I only make digital negatives.

Jim Becia
7-Sep-2015, 12:46
According to Breathing Color, the vivid light magenta and the vivid magenta are the only ones that CANNOT be switched as all the other ones are the same.

7-Sep-2015, 17:27
A couple of years back I bought a resetter in the auction site able to work with both, the maintenance tank and the cartridges. So refilling the cartridges with the vivid ink was not an issue. Of course, a new profile is recommended via linearization.